Return Policy

Please read the following Return Policy and also our Terms & Conditions before making any order from this website. This Return Policy shall only apply to consumers (The definition of consumers are stated in the Terms & Conditions). We only accept unopened items.

The return of items sold online via depends exclusively upon OptoSoftech Return Policy. In the following descriptions, a customer is referred to a person/company who bought item/s in online via

§ 1: Sold items via via online and/or offline can be returned to OptoSoftech. There is no need to explain any reason behind returning the purchased item/s. However, the valid time period for the returning of the purchased item/s is 14 days from the date you received the item/s.

§2: Only unopened items are accepted.

§ 3: Before returning any purchased item, a customer must first sent an email to: before maturation of the valid time period. In an email, the customer must attached the receipt of item/s sent by OptoSoftech. After confirmation from OptoSoftech administration, the customer can send the item to the designated address* within 2 days. Please do not send an item before a confirmation email.

§ 4: The delivery cost for returning purchased item/s will be paid by a customer.

Important: The shipment method will be selected exclusively by OptoSoftech while returning an item. The information about the shipment method will be given in a confirmation email. Furthermore, the above mentioned return policies are applicable to national (Germany) as well as international sales.

*Shipping Address:

Jyoti Chandra Shrestha
Mönchebergstraße 48, 34125
Kassel, Germany