In this blog, a Raspberry Pi is used to detect a particular Bluetooth device, read temperature from a temperature sensor, and do a particular task by accessing GPIO ports of Raspberry Pi. To show a defined task, a led has been controlled. c is used as a programming language, however, one can use Python as well. More…

In this blog, different calculation methods of laser threshold current have been discussed. Advantages and disadvantages of each method have been carefully discussed with pictures. You can read in detail here.

In this blog, temperature effect on the threshold current of a laser has been discussed in detail. To read in detail, please click here.

This project is about to use PIC16F628A Microcontroller (8-bit) to toggle between two LEDs using C programming language. From this project, one can learn basic concept about using MPLAB-X IDE, Microcontroller, and C program. For details about the project, please click here.

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